Boards & Commissions


Judge of Probate
Peter Alter
Fire Chief
Nick Wallick, III 
Deputy Fire Chief
Dan Huppe
Assistant Fire Chief
Dan Phelps, 1st Assistant Chief
Matthew Barrett, Second Assistant Chief
Hebron Parking Violations Hearing Officer
G. William Cox

Fire Marshal
Randy Blais
Deputy Fire Marshal
Dan Larson
Burning Official
Tony Pitrone
Resident State Trooper
Daniel Greenwood and Kyle Fitzgibbons

Hebron Police Officers
Marc Rubera
Ricardo Martinez
James R. Tilley 


Registrar of Voters
(R) John F. Richmond
(D) Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Deputy Registrar of Voters
(R) Merris Wiliams
(D) John O. O'Sullivan
Director Of Health
Thad King, Director, Chatham Health District
Fish & Wild Life Constable
Dan Larson
Emergency Management

Sean Shoemaker

RHAM Superintendent of Schools
Robert Siminski
Hebron Superintendant of Schools
Jeffrey Newton
Library Director
Amanda Brouwer
North Central Regional
Mental Health Board

Karen Smith
Director of Public Works
Kevin Kelly
Parks & Recreation Director
Richard Calarco
Animal Control Officer
William Bell
Tree Warden
Kevin Kelly
AHM Youth Services
Joel Rosenberg
Town Attorney
Ken Slater - Halloran & Sage
Senior Services Coordinator
Sharon Garrard
Central Regional Tourism District
Lynn Bjork



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